If you want to order any of our images, then please send an e-mail to: sales@frankossen.com

In this e-mail you should:

mention the full name and address of your company

name the image(s) you want (please use the special code below each thumbnail)

supply us with details of how you plan to use the image(s) (i.e. type of media, print runs, area of circulation, desired size of image, period of use, etc.)

please let us know how you want the image(s) to be sent to you. This is possible by e-mail and CD-ROM, but if you prefer a slide or a negative then this can also be done

state your desired way of payment. This can be done either by direct banktransfer, check or by money-order. We will contact you by e-mail and provide you with all the necessary information about billing

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Please note the following:

all orders will be executed after full payment is received 

prices are for one-time usage only

after the license of use has expired, the images must be returned to frankossen.com, or deleted from your hard disk (in case of usage on the internet)

for shipping outside Europe, a surcharge of 7,50 will be added

by ordering images from frankossen.com you automatically agree to all our terms of sales

We do take up assignments to get the images you want, anywhere in the world

For more information or any other requests, please send an e-mail to info@frankossen.com